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Empowering small professional services firms in Trinidad and Tobago to work better together from anywhere using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

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The way professional services firms in Trinidad and Tobago work today has changed. More professionals are working remotely or want to adjust their hours and schedules. And clients today are expecting and demanding their professional advisors be able to work from anywhere.

When professionals today don't have the tools to communicate, share knowledge, collaborate with colleagues and clients remotely, your firm's ability to produce revenue is hindered. This is where we come in.

Our solution

We provide a single, fully integrated and secure digital workspace service, built on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. It provides your professionals with a central hub for communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration and access to business-class email, Microsoft Office Suite, documents and files.

Here's what you get:

Central hub for communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration

Instantly access, communicate and share knowledge with colleagues and clients, with a central hub for email, instant messaging, chat, audio calls, video conferencing, online meetings and more. From anywhere on any device.

Document storage, retrieval and sharing

Ensure your professionals have secure and reliable access to all documents and flies, with structured online storage with advanced search capabilities to make retrieval easy. Enable your professionals to securely and easily share documents with colleagues and clients. From anywhere on any device.

Document co-authoring

Meet deadlines, reduce review times and minimize errors by enabling your professionals to work together on a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation at the same time, from anywhere on any device.

Access to productivity and business apps

Ensure your professionals can build documents with access to always-up-to-date versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint across all their devices, and access to mission critical business apps from anywhere on any device.

Guaranteed 99.9% up-time

Built on Microsoft, you'll have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and peace of mind knowing that your professionals have reliable access to the resources they need to get work done.

Data security, protection and compliance

Keep client and business data safe with built-in enterprise grade security from Microsoft, and our additional security services that protect your team's devices against cyber threats, loss and corruption and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Support and training

Your professionals will always have full IT support and access to training. We'll manage all their desktops, laptops, tablets of mobile phones, whether at the office, on the go, by a client or home. Keeping them productive.

Implementation and on-boarding

Our documented, proven implementation process ensured that Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 are implemented into your business processes. Ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

Typical benefits of our service

Increase productivity

By ensuring professionals have everything they need to get work done, communicate and collaborate from anywhere on any device, productivity will increase.

Drive revenue

When your professionals can't access resources, communicate and collaborate remotely, your firm's ability to produce revenue is hindered. We help you drive revenue by ensuring professionals can get work done from anywhere.

Improve customer relationships

Enable professionals to be more responsive to customer needs When professionals can access, communicate and collaborate with clients anytime, anywhere.

Reduce expenses

In some cases, enabling remote work can reduce expenses such as car maintenance , transportation, parking fees, meals or salaries, rent or travel subsidies.

Increased security

Our solution comes with built-in enterprise grade security that protects sensitive and confidential data against loss and other cyber threats.

Obtain competitive advantage

Firms that can work remotely can obtain competitive advantage by being able to service customers more efficiently and effectively.

Small Accounting Firms

Increase productivity, collaborate more effectively, and deliver a higher level of service to your clients, by moving your accounting software, customer records, your programs, documents, and files to the cloud.

Accounting Professionals

Better serve your clients, grow your practice, save time, and increase productivity.

Owners of Small Businesses

Make quick, informative business decisions and improve productivity by putting your accounting software and financial data in the cloud, and giving your accountants access to critical financial data anytime, anywhere from nearly any computer.

Why choose Baptiste Consulting?

100% focused on the professional services industry

We only work with professional services firm. This means we understand how service professionals work and the problems they face. We study industry trends and read industry material. Enabling us to bring more value to your firm than other IT businesses that focus on multiple industries.

Proven, documented implementation process

Absolutely no guesswork involved in empowering your professionals to work remotely. We use a proven, documented process to implement Microsoft 365 into your business processes. Helping you save time, avoid wasting money, better meet your goals, and get the best return on your investment.

Highly responsive

We understand time is money for professionals. That is why we respond to all support requests within 30 minutes, and all emails and calls are returned within 60 minutes.

Strong focus on security

We know how important security is to professional firms. We have a strong security culture internally, and we have the technology and process to protect your assets and keep confidential data private.

No geek talk

We don't use confusing tech jargon. We explain things using straightforward business language, helping you make informed business decisions.

Personalized service

Get personalized service every time you talk with us. All your purchasing history, preferences, past issues, names of key people in your organization, are centralized and managed. This means we won't be asking you the same questions over and over, service is on a first name basis, and truly personalized to your business situation.

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Anthony Sookdeo

Managing Director, Crane & Associates Limited

I'm pleasantly surprised to see the level of professionalism and meticulousness exhibited by Baptiste Consulting considering it is a young, up and coming business. I'm an Accountant and these two (2) characteristics are essential to me when evaluating potential support services for my own company. I've personally witnessed Mr. Baptiste's work ethic and his methodology for resolving problems and have been impressed in this regard. Consequently, I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Baptiste and his business, Baptiste Consulting to other organizations and individuals to engage his services.

Natasha Wilson

Operations Manager, Dalbert Caribbean limited

Mr. Andre has portrayed a knowledge of information technology and professionalism that is rarely seen among IT consultants. His insistence on professionalism and quality at each stage produced much better results than we had originally thought possible. Not only did he identify the problem, he also explained how to avoid the error in the future. I would highly recommend Mr. Andre for his professionalism, expertise and diligence.

James M. Andrews

Financial Adviser

Thanks for the services rendered in keeping my PC up and running though the past five years. The support and advice you gave has saved me a bundle and has also reduce my downtime to almost zero. Thanks again Andre for your prompt and efficient service.

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