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Increase productivity and meet business goals by ensuring highly reliable and secure IT systems.

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Attention small business owners in Trinidad and Tobago with 5-25 employees. Are you frustrated with slow, outdated and unreliable IT systems that waste time, decrease productivity and disrupt business operations?

If so, you're in the right place. Call us today at +1 (868) 281-6136 and we'll show you how to increase productivity and meet business goals by ensuring highly reliable and secure IT systems.

Call us today at +1 (868) 281-6136

Our solution

For small business owners who are frustrated with ongoing computer problems, we guarantee increased productivity by providing everything you need, in one package, to ensure highly reliable IT systems, or your money back. Here's what we do.

1. Upgrade outdated systems

We'll upgrade your systems to meet over 50 industry best practices for systems reliability and security. While ensuring the meet and industry regulations, obligations and your own preferences.

2. Implement security essentials

We'll help you implement 5 basic security controls that have been proven to protect your business against a wide range of the most common cyberattacks.

3. Back up important data

You'll always have 3 copies of your important data, ensuring you can easily recover data if it's lost. We'll also test backups on a regular basis to ensure they can be restored when needed.

4. Keep your systems running fast

Over 100 areas of your network will be constantly monitored to predict and solve problems before they occur. While actively maintaining your systems.

5. Securely work from any location

You and your people would be able to access documents, files, programs and data from anywhere, anytime and nearly any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

6. Ensure up-to-date productivity tools

You'll always have up-to-date productivity tools to handling documents, communication, collaboration, document storage and document sharing.

7. Keep your systems updated

Well make sure you have the latest version of all the technology you currently have.

8. Quickly solve problems

Get a 15 minute response to all queries, support requests and service issues. And industry-best response time for on-site visits.

9. Better use technology to grow

Our greatest value is the advice you give on how to use technology to grow your business and improve performance.

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Typical benefits of our services

1. Free up internal resources

Free up all the internal resources you use to fix computer problems aso you can focus on growing and managing your small business.

2. Lower costs

Our services lower your costs through reduced hiring need, packaged services, predictable spend, reduction of workforce downtime and overall lower capital expenditures.

3. Save on average, 22 minutes per day

Employees waste 22 minutes each day, on average, dealing with IT-related issues . We help you save time by reducing that downtime and taking away those problems.

4. Access to skill-sets not available in-house

For a much lower cost than hiring or using internal resources to research, you'll have access to IT guidance, advice and resources that might not be available in-house.

5. Increase workforce productivity

When your systems are reliable, secure and highly available, and your people have the latest productivity tools, productivity will increase.

6. Improve security

Security is important in business today. We'll help you secure your data against loss, theft or unauthorized access.

7. Improve customer response time

With secure, anywhere, anytime access to your data, when a customer urgently requests information, you can service them immediately without having to run to the office. You can just pick up your smartphone and securely access data, even while traveling.

8. Improved collaboration

Get tools that allow you to collaborate and communicate with your team and clients anytime, anywhere. Helping you improve collaboration.

Small Accounting Firms

Increase productivity, collaborate more effectively, and deliver a higher level of service to your clients, by moving your accounting software, customer records, your programs, documents, and files to the cloud.

Accounting Professionals

Better serve your clients, grow your practice, save time, and increase productivity.

Owners of Small Businesses

Make quick, informative business decisions and improve productivity by putting your accounting software and financial data in the cloud, and giving your accountants access to critical financial data anytime, anywhere from nearly any computer.

6 reasons to trust Baptiste Consulting to support your small business

The productivity guarantee

Our approach guarantees increased productivity. If you are not happy with the service you receive you can request a full refund.

Highly responsive

We respond to support requests in 15 minutes, and all calls and emails are returned within 30 minutes.

Specialize in businesses with 5-25 employees

We know you have to meet many deadlines. That's why we are available during crunch time, keeping your systems reliable.

Personalized services

Get personalized service every time you talk with us. All your purchasing history, preferences, past issues, names of key people in your organization, are centralized and managed. This means we won't be asking you the same questions over and over, service is on a first name basis, and truly personalized to your business situation.

No geek talk

We don't use confusing tech jargon. We explain things using straightforward business language, helping you make informed business decisions.

Documented best practices and processes

Absolutely no guesswork involved. The documented best practices and processes ensure a high level of consistent and efficient work.

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Anthony Sookdeo

Managing Director, Crane & Associates Limited

I'm pleasantly surprised to see the level of professionalism and meticulousness exhibited by Baptiste Consulting considering it is a young, up and coming business. I'm an Accountant and these two (2) characteristics are essential to me when evaluating potential support services for my own company. I've personally witnessed Mr. Baptiste's work ethic and his methodology for resolving problems and have been impressed in this regard. Consequently, I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Baptiste and his business, Baptiste Consulting to other organizations and individuals to engage his services.

Natasha Wilson

Operations Manager, Dalbert Caribbean limited

Mr. Andre has portrayed a knowledge of information technology and professionalism that is rarely seen among IT consultants. His insistence on professionalism and quality at each stage produced much better results than we had originally thought possible. Not only did he identify the problem, he also explained how to avoid the error in the future. I would highly recommend Mr. Andre for his professionalism, expertise and diligence.

James M. Andrews

Financial Adviser

Thanks for the services rendered in keeping my PC up and running though the past five years. The support and advice you gave has saved me a bundle and has also reduce my downtime to almost zero. Thanks again Andre for your prompt and efficient service.

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